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The Bushes Go To Obama’s Inauguration

Laura Stepford Bush: Will you go, Georgie?
Dubya: They cut me loose from everything, Titwiggle, this could be my big chance to restore my ligature.
LSB: Legacy.
Dubya: Whatever, Snotdoodle.
LSB: Oh but Georgie! Do we have to sit on stage with that man?
Dubya: Flapfarter, he’s just a man as many other men are men, like the men who are…men.
LSB: What?
Dubya: Yeah.
LSB: Oh but Georgie! Do we have to hold hands with them?
Dubya: We do, Asswhistle. We have to take this hit, in front of all of the, uh, negroes, to begin down the road of rebuilding my posterior.
LSB: Posterity.
Dubya: Yeah.
LSB: Well, I’ll go with you and sit by you and even touch one of them. For you, Georgie. For you and those pharmaceuticals that make my eyes this way.
Dubya: Aw, shucks, Electrolux. I love you.